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This section of the gallery shows unique glass art pieces in chronological order, with the most recent first. Clicking on an image will show more details of a specific piece with larger images and close-ups.
Please also check the News page for details of current or upcoming exhibitions pieces are showing at.

A study of the natural honeycomb structure in glass...
Fragile Entomology
A study of the natural nautilus structure in glass...
Fragile Conchology


Miniature cast glass Nissen huts...
A modern take on a Roman Cage Cup, using a Barrel of Monkeys...
Hangin' Around
A Giant water-jet cut glass hare adorns Perth Museum & Art Gallery.
Rows of miniature brightly coloured Beach Huts in hollow cast lead crystal glass...
Beside the Seaside


Miniature lead crystal cars invade a London crypt...
The Ghost of Taxis
Yet to Come
Miniature glass messages in bottles...
Tiny greenhouses, sheds and coldframes make up this glass allotment...


A wear-able tribute to Shakespeare's play, The Tempest...
Storm Troubled
This mythical creature is brough to live through glass and silver...
Griffin in the Sky
with Diamonds
An impossible contraption made from mixed media...

2006 - 2007

Medicines and creams cure our ailments, but are we too reliant on them...?

Three interactive pieces from Rachel's final year show at Edinburgh College of Art
Foreign Bodies
Degree Show
Beautful glass is recycled from a broken Marmite jar...
Love It or Hate It,
You Can Always
Recycle It!
Push-button fun with miniature thrills...
Car Chases
Jelly with a twist...
Warning: Hazardous
to your Health
Impossible roads with inevitable traffic jams...
Roads To Nowhere

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