Rachel Elliott Glass - Storm Troubled Sphere - Tempest Bead

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Ariel was the air spirit that aided Prospero in his magical creation of the storm...
Detail showing Ariel in the clouds
Inspired by William Shakespeare's play 'The Tempest', this piece was a result of an invitation to create a bead for the Tempest International Bead Exhibition, on show during the International Festival of Glass 2008, in Stourbridge, UK. This invitation came at a time when Rachel was concentrating on kiln fired painting onto glass and as the exhibition allowed for any glass technique to be utilised, she designed a bead constructed from painted flat glass, that could be soldered together to form a sphere. The design used 60 pieces of glass, each no wider than 15mm, which were painted and stained to resemble the storm from the beginning of the play, with details such as the ship, the spirit Ariel and an octopus adding small focal points. The finished piece is 75mm in diameter.
The ship carrying the King of Naples, Prospero's brother Antonio and others all destined to wreck on the island...
The ship on the waves and an octopus below
Although the storm was at night, all weathers and times of day are dipicted in the turmoil...
The cloudy sunset on the ocean
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