Rachel Elliott Glass - Scattered

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A solitary bottle, washed up on the shore...

A group of various coloured bottles, cluster together in the sand...

This installation was originally created for the Scottish Glass Society's 30th Anniversary touring exhibition, Migrate.
30 glass bottles were created, individually measuring just 85mm tall and 25mm wide, each one is lost-wax core-cast to create the hollow 'message' inside the solid lead crystal glass form. Some of the bottles also had the caps gilded with either gold or silver leaf and the whole group was exhibited in sand.

A row of bottles on the tide line...

The concept of migrate can take many forms, both physical and conceptual but in her exploration of this theme, Rachel wanted to concentrate on empathising with those travelling, possibly constantly and the connotations of being castaway and adrift from society. The resulting pieces, messages in bottles, give no evidence of their sender or intended reader, with the messages themselves blank of content and language. They are remnants of the traveller, anonymously pinpointing the journey to the viewer with an unknown message, is it a plea for help, a reassurance to a loved one or simply a communiqué that requires no answer?

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