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Water-jet cut glass with screen-printed kiln-fired enamel

Glare measures 175 cms tall by 95cms wide and 1cm thick. It is wall mounted using two hidden stand-off brackets adhered to the reverse.

Detail showing the printed imagery

This panel was designed and made for the Scottish Glass Society exhibition, titled 'Trove', hosted at Perth Museum & Art Gallery. The museum allowed society members to view their extensive collections, talking to curators in order to choose artefacts as sources of inspiration for new work.

Rachel was inspired by various different elements of the museumís collection, most notably the extensive natural history preservations, stored row upon row in drawers and under plastic, but also the social history artefacts, documenting the everyday life of Perthís residents over many centuries.

The panel installed in Perth Museum & Art Gallery

It was this desire to combine the two aspects that led to the design of the hare, which also incorporates images from the Magnus Jackson photographic collection, returning them to glass, where they were originally found.

In terms of the glass techniques it also combines very modern technology, as the shape of the hare is cut by water-jet, with the traditional use of kiln-fired enamels, applied by screen-printing. Water-jet cutting uses a computer to control a high pressure stream of water carrying abrasive grit, which cuts the glass. This enables shapes to be cut out that would be difficult to do by hand.

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Photographs on this page are by Paul Adair, Perth Museum & Art Gallery

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