Rachel Elliott Glass - The Ghosts of Taxis Yet to Come

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Rachel was given the area in the Crypt where gravestones were stacked up, like dead dominoes...

The miniature crystal taxis raced over the unseen roads or the ornate memorials...

This installation was made as part of the Glass Echoes 2 exhibition, held in the Crypt Galley, St Pancras Church, London.

The original design for the London Black Taxi was used to create the tiny crystal replicas...

50 miniature lead crystal glass taxis were made using lost-wax kiln-casting and placed at random over the area allocated to Rachel, in the Crypt, which was where gravestones and memorial plaques were stored, most with very ornate decoration and inscriptions. 50 was chosen as it was the 50th anniversary of the production of the original Black Taxi Cab shape, that is now iconic and exported across the world.
The installation emulated a sort of ghostly infestation, as it was not always apparent what the piece was due to the scale and lighting. But as soon as one taxi was spotted by the viewer, the others were quickly found, much to the amusement of younger members of the public.

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