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Fragile Entomology is a series of works which started in June 2011 as an attempt to recreate the seemingly fragile yet naturally strong forms of the insect world with the manmade material of glass. Since then the pieces have used natural reclaimed wood, cast cotton paper and other mixed media along with the glass to express and explore the connotations this theme brings.

Hunny Pots

A first foray into the world of roll ups in the hotshop, using fused slabs of honeycomb, refired full of contrasting glass colours... Simple blown glass forms contain the complex and intricate kiln formed honeycomb sections...

Beach Comb

Inspired by the colours of the Caithness coast, this double sided piece reflects looking out to sea with the views inland... The combs are set into traditional wooden sections which are held in the hives in rows of 3...


Glass domes encase the honeycomb with flameworked bees made by Wesley Fleming... The domes are mounted in mahogany onto the wall as they rise upwards...


Black & grey glass contrast in this ominous comb... Cast cotton paper encases the dark glass honeycomb in this macabre piece...


Natural coloured glass honeycomb made from fused powder, set into an original bee hive frame... A detail shows the particles of glass powder that make up this fragile yet strong structure...
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