Rachel Elliott Glass - Extracting Rainbows

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Flameworked & Kiln-formed glass combined with mixed media & raw Icelandic Spar Calcite crystal
The premise being that when you come across a raw crystal and observe the rainbows inside, they are just waiting to be extracted into multi-coloured glass. The piece is freeze-framed in mid mince, with calcite crystal cubes in the hopper like beef steak and the glass extractions pouring out of the nozzles.
Although usually placed on the side of a table, the mincer is mounted on a turned pine stool as if its owner has been shooed out of the kitchen for making such a mess!
This piece is inspired by the inventions of W. Heath Robinson, whose sketches of implausible contraptions have amused and even predicted innovations since their original publication in the 1930's.

The initial idea for this piece came whilst trawling through a junk shop, with it's Aladdin's cave of bygones and obsolete items waiting to be discovered. Rachel came across a cast metal meat mincer and at once formed the notion that it could be used for glass.

Detail showing the cast surface of the mincer...

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Photographs on this page are by Simon Bruntnell

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