Rachel Elliott Glass - Police Chases

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The inspiration for these pieces came from the increasing number of real crime tv shows that follow the police in their daily pursuits.
Tiny car chases with push-button fun!
'You'll Never Take Us Alive, Coppers!'
The excitement of the chases seems to overshadow the reality of both the danger to all concerned and the illegal malicious cause of the pursuits in the first place. The police cars in the pieces have their own flashing blue lights that are activated when the viewer pushes the illuminated blue button on the front. This interaction draws the audience into the piece, making them accomplice and witness to the chase. This push button element harks back to childhood memories of trips to the science museum in London and the perpetual pursuit of learning through bringing the artifacts to life with the push of a button.
The two getaway cars screech and vear across the road with the police in hot pursuit. Little do they know that the road ahead will draw their chase to an abrupt end.

Battery powered with all working concealed in the mahogany base...
With flashing LEDs lit up

Another chase, with a quick swerve around a tractor...
'Catch Me If You Can!'
(This piece is now in a private collection.)
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